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Fresh Swordfish | A Majestic Ocean Treasure ($30/lb)


Sail into an ocean of taste with our fresh Swordfish. Renowned for its robust flavour and meaty texture, swordfish stands as a symbol of the ocean's bounties. With its luscious, steak-like flesh, it's an ideal choice for those looking to venture beyond the usual seafood offerings.

Key Features:

🐟 High-Quality Delicacy: Our swordfish is sourced fresh, ensuring you taste the ocean in every bite.

🐟 Transparent Pricing: With a market price that reflects its premium quality, the current rate is $30 per pound, ensuring you get the best for what you pay.

🐟 Cooking Versatility: Perfect for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing, our swordfish can be transformed into a myriad of delectable dishes.

Delve deep into the treasures of the ocean with our Fresh Swordfish. A premium choice for seafood lovers from Mister Butcher, this fish promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Whether it's a BBQ party or a gourmet dinner, let the swordfish be your star.