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Fresh Mussels | Plump, Juicy and Ocean Wise-certified


Unravel the mystique of the deep blue with our sumptuous Fresh Mussels. Whether you're seeking the flavours of the Pacific or the Atlantic, we've got you covered with our curated selections.

Key Features:

🐚 Ocean-Fresh and Succulent: Immerse in the briny goodness of plump, juicy mussels, brought to you straight from the ocean.

🐚 Exquisite Origins: Choose from two prime locations:

  • Saltspring Island: Representing the pristine waters of the Pacific, these OceanWise-certified mussels come in a generous serving of 5 pounds.
  • Prince Edward Island: Celebrate the Atlantic’s charm with these beloved mussels in a 2lb. serving.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a light appetizer, our fresh mussels are a delightful choice. Savor the taste of the ocean with every bite and let the rich flavours transport you to the coastlines of Saltspring Island or PEI. Ready to embark on this seafood journey?

Care Tip: 

Always check your mussels before cooking. They should be tightly closed. If you find any open mussels, give them a gentle tap. If they don’t close up, it's best to discard them.