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Jumbo Scallops | MSC-Certified, Pure and Natural


Elevate your culinary experience with our premium Jumbo Scallops, sourced directly from the Eastern seaboard. Crafted for those who settle for nothing but the best, every scallop from our collection ensures a bite that's rich, succulent, and truly unforgettable.

Key Features:

🌊 Pristine Source: Hailing from the wild waters of the Eastern Seaboard, our scallops come with the guarantee of pure oceanic delight.

🌊 MSC-Certified: We take sustainability seriously. Our scallops are not only wild but also carry the seal of approval from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), emphasizing our commitment to preserving marine ecosystems.

🌊 Choice of Freshness: Choose based on your preference! Relish the unparalleled freshness of our scallops with two options - Fresh at $52 and Frozen at $48.

Embark on a gourmet journey with our Jumbo Scallops. Perfect for searing, grilling, or incorporating in your favourite dishes, they’re not just a seafood delicacy but a celebration of taste and quality. With us, always count on getting the ocean’s best, because you deserve nothing less!

 Mister Butcher-endorsed recipes that impress: Seared Scallops or Pan Seared Scallop Pasta with Creamy Bacon Sauce

The Wet vs. Dry Debate: A Scallop’s True Essence 

Ever wondered about the difference between 'wet' and 'dry' scallops? Let's decode:

  • Wet Scallops: These undergo treatment with a solution that makes them appear plumper and helps extend their shelf life. However, this often dilutes their natural, sweet taste and can lead to a less than perfect sear.
  • Dry Scallops: Pure, natural, and devoid of any additives or chemicals. These scallops maintain their authentic flavour and ensure a perfect golden sear when cooked. Our pledge? We ONLY offer dry scallops, emphasizing quality and the genuine taste of the sea.