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Fresh Arctic Char Fillets | Skin-On Arctic Bliss ($20.75/pound)


Embrace the fresh, delicate flavours of the Arctic waters with our Fresh Arctic Char Fillets. With its tender flesh and unique taste, Arctic Char stands as a testament to nature's finest offerings. The skin-on filets retain all the authentic flavours, ensuring a gastronomic journey with every bite.

Priced at Delivery:

🐟 Transparent Pricing: At around $20.75/lb., we guarantee quality and freshness that matches every penny spent. Order your desired number of filets (each filet is approx 1 pound).

Key Features:

🐟 Naturally Delightful: Our char filets are known for their rich and buttery flavour, coupled with a firm yet flaky texture.

🐟 Skin-On Goodness: With the skin retained, you get added crispiness and flavour when cooked to perfection.

Explore the icy freshness and delectable flavours of the Arctic right on your plate with Fresh Arctic Char Fillets from Mister Butcher. Whether it's a cozy family dinner or a special gathering, this fish promises to be the star of any culinary show.