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Bone-in Leg of Lamb | A Table Centerpiece Statement


Handpicked from select farms, the Bone-in Leg of Lamb is a magnificent choice as the quintessential centerpiece for any festive or family meal anyone looking to create a meal with both exceptional taste and presentation. This cut is not just a meal but a statement of elegance and tradition on your table.

Key Features: 

🍖 Authentic Taste: Enjoy the genuine flavours of a center cut leg, elevated by the bone.

🍖 Ideal Size: With an approximate weight of 7 lbs., it's the go-to choice for celebratory feasts.

🍖 Transparent Pricing: Priced at $15/lb., expect an average cost of $105, ensuring premium quality without breaking the bank.

🍖 Cooking Versatility: Perfect for roasting, grilling, or braising, each bite guarantees a burst of juicy goodness.

Perfect For:

  • Holiday Celebrations: An impressive main dish for Easter, Christmas, or any celebratory dinner.
  • Sunday Roasts: Create memorable family traditions around a sumptuous Sunday roast.
  • Culinary Aficionados: For those who enjoy the process of cooking as much as the eating, this lamb provides an engaging experience.

It stands as a testament to the time-honored traditions of communal feasting, bringing warmth, flavour, and connection to your dining experience. When you choose this cut of lamb, you're not just preparing a meal; you're crafting an experience that will be remembered fondly by all who partake.