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Cooked 13-15 Shrimp | Shrimp cocktail ready


Shrimp cocktail? Yes, please! Introducing Pre-Cooked 13-15 Shrimp - a delightful delicacy straight from the ocean's depths, crafted to perfection for the ultimate seafood experience. The Shrimp boasts a mildly sweet flavour with a hint of ocean brine. Its rich, buttery texture makes it a crowd-favourite, fit for any gourmet dish.

Key Features:

🦐 Supreme Quality: Our Shrimp are renowned for their firm texture, vibrant colour, and a flavour that captures the essence of the sea.

🦐 Generous Portions: Each 2 lb bag contains approximately 30 succulent pieces, ensuring a bountiful serving for all your culinary adventures.

🦐 Hassle-Free: These shrimps come pre-cooked, making them perfect for quick and easy meal preparations. Simply thaw and toss into your favourite dishes!

🦐 Frozen Freshness: Quick-frozen to lock in flavour and freshness, ensuring that you get the best of the ocean's bounty every time.

Every succulent bite of Mister Butcher’s Pre-Cooked 13-15 Shrimp transports you to the tranquil blue waters, offering a taste that's both invigorating and comforting. Perfect for a fancy dinner or a quick weeknight meal, these shrimps are a versatile and delightful addition to any menu.