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Butcher Basics Chicken Thighs


Explore the rich flavours and tender textures with our Butcher Basics Chicken Thighs. This package offers a generous 5 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs, sourced from Ontario's finest air-chilled chickens. Each thigh is meticulously prepared to ensure the same high quality as our fresh variety, now available in a convenient frozen format.

Key Features:

🐔 Generous Quantity: Contains a total of 5 pounds, divided into 3-4 packages, perfect for family meals and bulk cooking.

🐔 High-Quality Chicken: Made with Ontario air-chilled chickens, ensuring a superior taste and texture that’s consistent with our fresh chicken thighs.

🐔 Healthy Option: Boneless and skinless for a leaner, healthier protein choice.

❄️ Conveniently Packaged: Frozen and vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness and extend shelf life, while also making portion control and meal planning effortless.

Our Butcher Basics Chicken Thighs are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking both convenience and quality in their poultry. Whether you're cooking for a family, meal prepping for the week, or looking to experiment with new recipes, these chicken thighs provide the perfect canvas for a wide range of culinary creations. Enjoy the ease, versatility, and delicious outcomes that these chicken thighs have to offer.