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Air Chilled Chicken Supreme | Elevate your Chicken Breast Game


Experience the pinnacle of poultry with our Air-Chilled Chicken Supreme. This delightful cut is a chicken breast that is de-boned, with the skin and wing left intact.  Chicken Supreme are frequently used in French recipes – and are sometimes also known as “fancy” or “wedding” chicken

Key Features: 

🐔 Top-Quality Chicken: Immerse yourself in the rich taste of fresh chicken, accentuated by air chilling – a technique that preserves the genuine flavours and juiciness of the meat.  Our Ontario poultry is free range, all natural and hormone free.

🐔 Easy to Cook: This is a juicy and flavourful cut, and the crispy skin elevates the humble chicken breast

🐔 Generous Portions: Each piece is 7-9oz, ensuring you and your guests will be satisfied.

🐔 Sealed Freshness:  Vacuum sealed in packages of two, preserving its freshness and flavour until the very moment it's cooked, and also perfect if you want to pop into the freezer.

Perfect for pan searing, roasting or grilling.  This cut brings a fresh new twist to the regular chicken breast.