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Fresh Chicken Legs | Air-Chilled Pure Poultry Flavour


Discover the rich taste, tenderness and juiciness of our Air-Chilled Chicken Legs. Featuring both drum and thigh, each chicken leg is natural-sourced and hand-cut, ensuring each portion is of the highest standard, not to mention delivered fresh to your doorstep.

8 Chicken Legs per order

Key Features:

🍗 Wholesome Goodness: Combining both drum and thigh, our chicken legs give you the best of both worlds.

🍗 Stay Fresh Packaging: Individually vacuum sealed, these legs retain freshness and are easily freezable for future gourmet delights.

🍗 Ethical and Natural: Raised free range, our chickens are raised without hormone-free, aligning with our commitment to health and ethical sourcing.

Treat yourself to our succulent Air-Chilled Chicken Legs. Whether it's a festive roast, a comforting stew, or a barbecued treat, fresh chicken legs from Mister Butcher are sure to take your culinary game to the next level.