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Caputo 00 Pizza Dough Balls | The Perfect Pizza Foundation


Prepare to craft the perfect pizza with Caputo 00 Pizza Dough Balls, celebrated for their remarkable quality and the key to authentic Italian pizzas. Made with the prestigious Caputo 00 flour, these dough balls are the secret ingredient used by the world's best pizzerias. Ideal for pizza aficionados seeking an authentic Italian pizzeria experience at home where top-quality is paramount.

Key Features:

  • Size: Each 10 oz dough ball is the perfect portion for an individual pizza.
  • Quality Flour: Made with Caputo 00 flour, renowned for its fine, powdery texture and high quality, derived from European winter white wheat.
  • Convenience: Individually frozen to preserve freshness, ensuring you get the best quality with every pizza.
Caputo 00 Pizza Dough Balls provide the foundation for a truly authentic pizza experience. Whether you're a seasoned pizza maker or trying your hand at it for the first time, these dough balls offer the convenience, quality, and authentic Italian character that will elevate your pizza game.

How to stretch pizza dough like a champ: