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Beef Tenderloin | The Height of Quality & Elegance


Elevate your dining experience with our premium AAA Beef Tenderloin, renowned for its exceptional tenderness and flavor. This choice cut is perfect for creating a memorable meal that is sure to impress.


Whole tenderloin (~5 pounds) - $47.50/lb
Smaller centre-cut (3 pounds or smaller) - $53/lb

Key Features:

🥩 Supreme Quality: Sourced from AAA-grade beef, ensuring a top-tier culinary experience with every serving.

🥩 Size Flexibility: Available in approximately 5-6 pounds, making it ideal for family gatherings, special occasions, or a luxurious meal at home.

🥩 Customizable: Let us know your specific needs – whether it's the weight of the tenderloin or the number of people you're feeding, we're here to provide the perfect cut for your requirements.

🥩 Versatility: Perfect for a full roast or if you prefer smaller portions, we can accommodate your needs while maintaining the exquisite quality at $49 per pound.

Our AAA Beef Tenderloin is more than just a cut of meat; it's a culinary delight that promises to turn any meal into a special occasion. Its exceptional tenderness and rich flavor make it a must-have for any beef lover or anyone looking to create a meal that's truly extraordinary. Let us help you select the perfect tenderloin for your next culinary adventure.