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Atlantic Salmon Side | 4lb side, portioned FROZEN


we ordered an extra side this week by accident and portion and froze.  9 pieces, 4 pounds (each portion ~7oz)  

if you are looking for frozen salmon portions with the skin on - this one’s for you!


Introducing our responsibly-sourced Atlantic Salmon Side directly from the pristine waters of Canada’s east coast. Weighing in at around 4 lbs., this one whole salmon side makes for a sumptuous culinary centerpiece for any occasion. Whether you go traditional or organic, you're guaranteed a mouth-watering experience.

Key Features:

🐟 Ocean's Finest: Sourced directly from the clear waters of the Atlantic, ensuring a rich, fresh taste in every bite.

🐟 Flexible Pricing: Traditional or organic, we offer options to cater to your preferences. Get it weighed, priced at delivery, and enjoy transparency in every order.

🐟 Extra Services: Want it portioned, frozen, and vacuum-sealed? We've got you covered. Just a nominal charge per pound for convenience.

From the deep blue Atlantic to your dining table, our Fresh Atlantic Salmon Side is a gourmet experience waiting to unfold. Be it a family dinner or a special feast, this salmon is sure to steal the show.