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Fresh Chicken Breasts | Air-Chilled, Free-Run & Delicious


Our Air-Chilled Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are a testament to our commitment to offering only the finest, all-natural quality. Each individual piece is fresh, ensuring that you get the natural, free-run flavours of chicken in every bite.

Key Features:

🍗 Locally Sourced Excellence: Harnessing the bounty of our local farms to deliver you the unparalleled taste of free-run poultry.

🍗 Customized for You: Choose between an 8-piece pack or a bulk buy of 23-25 pieces weighing 10 pounds. We also provide Halal and organic options.

🍗 Sealed Freshness: Every chicken breast is individually vacuum sealed, preserving its freshness and flavour until the very moment it's cooked.

🍗 Tailored Packing: Have a specific packaging preference? Let us know, and we’ll pack in sets of 2 or 4 pieces per pack just for you.

With our Fresh Air-Chilled Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, you're choosing quality, freshness, and a taste that stands out. Whether it's a BBQ, a family dinner, or your signature dish, make it unforgettable with our premium chicken.