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Butcher Basics Pork Chops


Delight in the succulent taste of our Butcher Basics Pork Chops. This selection includes ten 8oz center-cut pork chops, sourced from the finest Ontario pork. These chops are expertly packaged and frozen, ensuring each piece retains its freshness and flavour for your culinary enjoyment.

Key Features:

🐖 Generous Quantity: Ten 8oz pork chops provide ample servings for multiple meals.

💵 Affordable Quality: Priced at just $3.20 per piece, these pork chops offer great value without compromising on quality.

🔪 Premium Cut: Each chop is a center cut from Ontario pork, known for its tenderness and flavour.

❄️ Convenience: Two pieces per package, frozen, and vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness and simplify meal preparation.

Our Butcher Basics Pork Chops are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for quality, convenience, and value. Whether you're planning a simple family meal or a more elaborate dish, these pork chops are sure to impress with their flavour and versatility. Enjoy the convenience of having premium pork chops on hand whenever you crave a delicious, protein-rich meal.