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Butcher Basics AAA Ribeye Steaks


Step into a world of rich flavour and tender texture with our Butcher Basics Ribeyes. This selection offers six, 10oz ribeye steaks, each embodying the robust flavour and marbling that ribeye cuts are celebrated for. Ideal for steak lovers and culinary enthusiasts alike, these steaks promise a high-quality dining experience right from the comfort of your home.

Key Features:

🔪 Premium Quality: Sourced from Canadian AAA beef, these ribeye’s are center-cut, ensuring a consistent, high-grade steak every time.

🐄 Perfectly Portioned: At 10oz each, these ribeyes are ideally sized for a satisfying meal without being overwhelming.

💵 Affordably Priced: With each steak priced at $11.70, enjoy premium quality at a reasonable cost.

❄️ Conveniently Prepared: Each steak is individually packaged, frozen, and vacuum-sealed. This ensures that the steak maintains its freshness and flavour until you're ready to cook it.

Our Butcher Basics Ribeyes are a testament to quality and convenience. Whether you're planning a family barbecue, a romantic dinner, or simply treating yourself, these ribeyes are sure to impress with their flavour, texture, and overall dining experience. Enjoy the luxury of a high-quality steak at a friendly price.