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Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin Steaks | The Best in Luxury Beef


Introducing the crème de la crème of steaks: the A5 Japanese Wagyu Striploin. Also known as Kobe beef, the New York Striploin is prized for its fine texture and buttery taste. Known for its superior marbling, exquisite flavour, and buttery texture, the A5 Japanese Wagyu steak is a favourite amongst gourmet connoisseurs and chefs worldwide.

Two 5oz portions

Key Features: 

🥩 Pinnacle of Marbling: A5 denotes the highest grade given only to the finest Wagyu beef. The dense marbling delivers an unrivaled melt-in-the-mouth experience.

🥩 Authentic Kobe Experience: Sourced from Japan, this steak boasts authenticity and quality, bringing a slice of Japan to your plate.

🥩 California Cut: Two pieces of the distinctive 5oz cut, delivering the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness.

🥩 Freshness Guaranteed: Each steak is freshly cut and individually sealed, ensuring it reaches you at its peak flavour.

The A5 Japanese Wagyu Striploin is not just a steak; it's a culinary event. Perfect for those special occasions or when you're in the mood to indulge, this steak promises a dining experience that's both luxurious and unforgettable.