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Baseball Steaks | A 100% Grass-Fed Grand Slam


Knock it out of the park with our 100% Grass-Fed Baseball Steak, a gourmet delight renowned for its rich flavour and tender texture. Inspired by the iconic steaks served at The Keg, our 8oz Baseball Steak promises an eating experience that's truly grand-slam worthy.

Key Features:

🥩 Authentic Grass-Fed: Relish the unmatched taste and tenderness that comes with a 100% grass-fed diet. Every bite encapsulates nature's wholesomeness.

🥩 Perfectly Portioned: Meticulously cut to an 8oz size, ensuring every steak is as satisfying as it is delicious.

🥩 Certified Halal: Upholding the utmost ethical standards, our steak is Halal certified for peace of mind.

🥩 Stay Fresh, Stay Flavourful: Each steak is vacuum-sealed, capturing its freshness and flavour, ready for your plate whenever the craving strikes.

🥩 Freezer Friendly: Conveniently suitable for freezing, ensuring you have a premium meal ready for any occasion.

Celebrated for its mouth-watering flavour, exquisite texture, and environmentally conscious upbringing, this 100% Grass-Fed steak stands out in a league of its own. Whether you're dining solo or hosting a feast, hit a culinary home run every time with this show-stopping steak!

Why the name 'Baseball'?

Its distinct ‘baseball’ shape resembles that of a tenderloin or filet mignon, but with the flavour profile of a top striploin. This combination makes it a true MVP in the world of steaks!