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Butcher Basics Pork Tenderloin


Explore the tenderness and rich flavour that Butcher Basics Pork Tenderloin has to offer. This package provides a bountiful 10 lbs. of pork tenderloin, with each piece weighing between 16-18 ounces. Sourced from the finest Ontario pork, these tenderloins are a testament to quality and taste. With 8-10 pieces included, each is individually packaged, frozen, and vacuum-sealed to guarantee freshness upon delivery.

Key Features:

🔪 Select Ontario Pork: Our pork tenderloins come from premium Ontario sources, ensuring a high standard of quality and flavour.

🐖 Perfect Portioning: With each tenderloin weighing 16-18oz, they are ideal for individual servings or for recipes that call for precise cuts.

🐖 Generous Quantity: With 8-10 pieces included, you'll have enough to host multiple dinners or to cater to a large event.

🐖 Ready for Any Dish: These tenderloins are versatile for any cooking method, from roasting to grilling to sautéing.

Our Butcher Basics Pork Tenderloin is the perfect choice for those who value both quality and versatility in their meats. Whether you're planning a sophisticated soiree or a simple, hearty meal, these pork tenderloins promise to deliver on taste, tenderness, and satisfaction. Keep your freezer stocked with these tenderloins, and you'll be ready for any culinary challenge or spontaneous dinner plans.