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Butcher Basics Ground Beef


Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with our Butcher Basics Ground Beef. This bulk offering includes 10 lbs. of ground beef, conveniently portioned into 1 lb. packages. Frozen and vacuum-sealed, each pack is a promise of quality and freshness.

Key Features:

🐄 Bulk Convenience: With 10 lbs. of ground beef, you'll have plenty on hand for all your cooking needs.

🐄 Portioned Packs: Pre-divided into one-pound packages for ease of use and to help minimize waste.

❄️ Quick-Freezing Freshness: Our ground beef is frozen quickly to seal in flavour and ensure a long shelf life.

🐄 Versatile Ingredient: Perfect for a myriad of dishes, from homemade burgers and meatballs to hearty Bolognese and chili.

Butcher Basics Ground Beef is your go-to choice for versatility, quality, and convenience. Whether you're whipping up a quick weeknight dinner or prepping for a weekend BBQ, our ground beef is the perfect foundation for a delicious meal that will satisfy and nourish. Enjoy the ease of having premium ground beef ready to go whenever inspiration strikes!