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Butcher Basics Ground Turkey


Embrace the lean and versatile option of Butcher Basics Ground Turkey for your meals. This package includes 10 lbs. of ground turkey, meticulously portioned into 1 lb. packages for your convenience. Each is frozen and vacuum-sealed to ensure the utmost freshness and quality upon use.

Key Features:

🦃 Lean Protein: Ground turkey is a fantastic lean protein alternative, ideal for health-conscious meals without sacrificing taste.

🦃 Ample Supply: The 10 lb. quantity ensures you have a ready supply for numerous meals, saving time on grocery runs.

🦃 Convenient Packaging: Pre-measured in 1 lb. packages for easy meal planning and portion control.

❄️ Quick-Freezing Process: Our ground turkey is frozen swiftly to lock in freshness, making it a reliable and tasty ingredient whenever you need it.

Butcher Basics Ground Turkey is the quintessential choice for those seeking a leaner protein that still packs a flavourful punch. It's perfect for anyone looking to maintain a balanced diet while enjoying the convenience and versatility that ground turkey offers. Whether you're creating classic dishes or exploring new flavours, our ground turkey is a healthy and delicious base for your culinary adventures.