The Weekly Update

September 19th Newsletter

Good Morning Mister Butcher customers


Thanksgiving is around the corner.  We would love to be your one stop shop for Thanksgiving meals.  We will be offering fresh & frozen turkeys (10-12 pounds and 25 pounds), turkey rolls, turkey legs, Virginia Hams, roasts, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and apple pie! 

We are waiting on pricing to be confirmed from our suppliers, but you can place you orders and we will confirm prices on turkeys as soon as possible.  If you want to place orders now, please make it separate from your regular order for this week, and let us know in the notes when you want to food delivered (Wed, Thurs or Friday before the holiday)


Product Updates:

Saku tuna continues to be out of stock.  Some background on what is going on: restaurants are having a terrible time getting labour, so they are buying as many portioned products as possible as they don’t have staff to prep the food.  A lot of suppliers are also having the same problem, struggling to get labour to portion and package single servings in their facilities.  That is leading to shortages – which is why many of you had to wait an extra day to get your salmon portions.  We are working to secure products for you, but sometimes we run into shorts – we will try to let you know as early as possible and do our best to get you what you want. 

This week crab cakes are not available (production issues) but they will be back next week.

Salmon skewers: for the next few weeks this product will be frozen & vacuum sealed in packages of 12.


Events: Last week we catered a corporate bbq for 150.  We grilled up whole striploins and made steak sandwiches with grilled veggies, corn on the cob & salads.  We had a blast, and our clients were happy.  Catering isn’t our core business, but we are always happy to help with events!


Fundraising: We have fundraisers running with some sports teams and schools.  Families are given a link or a code to use when placing their orders, and Mister Butcher gives a % of total sales back to the organization.  We know there are other meat suppliers that run programs like this, but we like to think we have a broader & higher quality product offering 😊  Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more.



This week we will deliver in the GTA & surrounding areas on Thursday & Friday.  Collingwood will be on Friday.  We are planning one more Muskoka trip in the next week or two, so please reach out if you want to be part of that. 

Please place your orders by Tuesday evening at 6pm.  As always, early orders are greatly appreciated.


Heads up for next week: Mister (Jonathan) Butcher is taking his first vacation since we started this gig.  We would love to deliver most of the orders Monday & Tuesday (Sept 27 & 28).  Christine will manage the deliveries that can’t be done until later in the week, and we will NOT be going to Collingwood on October 1st.  We will send out our weekly email earlier next week to remind you.  Thanks for understanding!!

Payment: You can pay by etransfer to, or cheque/cash at pickup.  If your order has items priced based on weight (anything priced $0.01) we will give you the total at delivery.

Orders outside of the core delivery areas that are under $200 will be charged a $10 delivery fee.

Christine & Jonathan