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A few words from our customers

Stop - you are making us blush :-)  Seriously, we can't thank our amazing customers enough for your support as we grow.

"Mister Butcher is a great service with fabulous quality meats, fish and produce. They have been a godsend during these difficult times and we look forward to continuing to use them for our protein needs going forward. We have been so impressed with their willingness and ability to bring in high quality new products .....it seems that we just have to ask for something and it appears on the list the following week! Congratulations Christine and Jonathan for your smart and timely approach to neighborhood needs!"


 "Since I started ordering from Mr. Butcher, I've never bought meat or seafood from the grocery store since. The quality is second to none and the service is great. Nice to support a local business!"


"We love Mister Butcher. The curbside pick-up was a godsend during the height of Covid and is still a great convenience but the best part is the fabulous quality of the meat. We have bought the frozen chicken breasts & frozen Korean beef ribs, the fresh beef tenderloin, and rib steaks all a number of times and everything has been delicious. Highly recommend.


"I’ve ordered from Mister Butcher on many occasions. My order came quickly and the value was excellent. Most importantly, the quality of the meat, chicken and seafood has been incredible!! I’ve recommended to friends and family."


"I’m very impressed by the quality of their products. I always try supporting local businesses but the quality of the product, easy delivery and excellent service make it a no-brainer."


Amazing quality, great selection and easy pick up.


We too have ordered from Mister Butcher numerous times. Happy to support a local entrepreneur. The product and quality did not disappoint! We've ordered steak, ribs, halibut, salmon, sausages, burgers, chicken fingers and hot dogs. All high quality and delicious! My kids say the hot dogs are the best they have ever had!


Just got steaks, seafood and ribs from Mister Butcher. Primo - A+++