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Lemon Raspberry Cake | Layers of Lemony Joy


Plant your fork into a dessert experience that tantalizes your taste buds with Mister Butcher's Lemon Raspberry Cake. This masterpiece marries the zesty tang of lemon with the sweet undertones of raspberry, all set within layers of rich, moist cake.

Features of Mister Butcher's Lemon Raspberry Cake: 

🍋 Citrusy Elegance: The refreshing burst of lemon buttercream balances the sweetness, offering a unique taste.

🍓 Berry Delight: Genuine raspberry layers surprise and delight in every bite.

🍰 Crafted to Perfection: Moist and light, this 7” cake is perfect for all occasions.

👍 Chef-Approved: Our Mister Butcher tasting team gave it not one, but two thumbs up!

Complete your dinner with a dessert that stands out. Mister Butcher's Lemon Raspberry Cake promises a sensory journey you won't forget!