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King Crab Legs | A Royal Feast from the Deep


Dive into a regal seafood experience with our premium King Crab Legs. Harvested from the icy waters, these majestic crab legs promise a taste that's fit for royalty.

Pricing based on weight
🦀$91/lb., with the final cost determined upon delivery.

Key Features:

🦀 Premium Quality: Our King Crab includes both the leg and claw, ensuring you get the full range of its delectable taste and texture.

🦀 Perfect Size for a Feast: With a 6-9 size rating, these substantial crab legs offer a hearty portion, ensuring satisfaction with every bite.

🦀 Natural Delight: The King Crab Legs are known for their natural sweetness complemented by a firm yet tender texture that melts in your mouth.

Elevate your seafood game with our King Crab Legs, a treat that embodies luxury and taste. Whether for special occasions or simply to pamper yourself, these crab legs promise a dining experience that is nothing short of majestic. Embrace the call of the ocean and indulge in a meal that's truly fit for a king!