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Creamed Honey

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Honey, straight from the Prairies

Our relatives in Zehner, SK have a honey bee farm, Zee-Bee Honey, and we are so happy to have some of their honey to share!  Winner of two 1st place awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

"Our bees produce a delicious pure honey. All our hives are located on organic land giving bees access to lots of pure sweet nectar.

In the early spring the bees begin their feast on pussy willows and buffalo berries. Next come dandelions, lilac and onto the wild Saskatoon bushes, chokecherry trees, clover, sainfoin and alfalfa plus all the cultivated crops within their flying range.

We process and package all of our honey on our site in our own federally inspected processing plant."
Honey is such a kitchen staple, and good honey makes food taste even better.  Great for chicken wings, marinades, breakfast and a snack!