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Beer Braised Pulled Pork | Hassle-Free Pork For Easy Meals


Tantalize your taste buds with our zesty (but not too spicy!) Beer Braised Pulled Pork – a delightful fusion of rich flavours and tender meat, crafted meticulously for connoisseurs like you.! No need to fuss in the kitchen - just take this fully-cooked delight from the freezer and simmer for an effortless meal. Whether you're craving a hearty sandwich, a savoury taco, or a scrumptious main dish, this pulled pork promises a culinary experience par excellence.

Highlights of Mister Butcher's Beer Braised Pulled Pork:

🍺 Intricately Crafted: Brainchild of our revered Sausage Meister, who is also the genius behind our mouth-watering chicken burgers, peameal bacon, and lamb sausages. 

🍺 Zero Hassle Cooking: Fully cooked and frozen, all you need is a gentle simmer to bring out its tantalizing taste. Perfect for those spontaneous meal plans! 

🍺 Serving Size: The generous 1kg portion ensures a hearty meal for a family of four. 

🍺 Quality Packaging: Vacuum sealed to retain freshness and flavour. Ensuring you get the same authentic taste every time.

From the zestiness of beer to the gentle kick of spices – each bite echoes the expertise and passion that goes into crafting this masterpiece. No more waiting for special occasions; turn every meal into a celebration with Mister Butcher's Beer Braised Pulled Pork!